Estate Planning Services

Nobody wants to think about when the end will come. But by postponing your estate planning you are putting your heirs at risk. I have seen it happen numerous times. You pass or find yourself incapacitated without the proper legal work in place, and the result can be:

  • Families torn apart by feuding
  • Personal assets seized by the state
  • Grieving families forced to deal with lawsuits from the state
  • The sudden invasion of “distant” and mostly unwanted relatives.

I will make sure you have clearly and precisely spelled out what your intentions are upon your death or incapacitation, by drafting and creating an estate plan which will include:

  • A will
  • A health care proxy
  • One or more powers of attorney

These legal documents will inform your family about your financial and medical decisions. There will be no “grey” areas. Only peace of mind.

I have represented individuals from all types of families, including those in the GBLT community. And I firmly believe that every individual and every family, no matter the circumstances, should be treated with dignity and respect.

Chelmsford Law is conveniently located in Chelmsford, at Drum Hill Circle, just behind the shopping plaza on Courthouse Lane. Parking is free and available in front of Entrance B to our office. I will sit down and discuss your legal questions regarding Estate Planning, Tax Law, Real Estate Law, and Personal Injury Law. And I will use my extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with the most effective legal advice possible.

To learn more about how Chelmsford Law, P.C., can assist you, call 978-454-9492, or submit your questions by completing the attached contact form.